About Scorpions and Porcupines

Silas and I have started a little tradition: On the weekend, I will take him on the motorcycle to the gas station shop. There we buy a small juice box for Silas and a canned drink for daddy. We then continue on the the foot of Fada mountain, where we climb up on a rock, sit down, and enjoy our drinks. We might throw some pebbles down the mountain, poke around an old termite mound, or just chat. A couple of weeks ago, as we were braking of nice pieces of termite-digested dried dirt, Silas said: “Look daddy, and animal” I looked and saw the tail of a smallish scorpion. I certainly moved Silas to safer ground, and then poked around so he can see what a scorpion looks like. I want him to know that he should not touch these beautiful creatures.

Then, today, we went once more to the mountain, and found a porcupine. We wanted to see it better, so I rolled out from underneath some leaves. It eventually showed his face, but as Silas wanted to see it up close, it rolled up again. Silas then pushed it with a stick, and it rolled a couple of feet. We continued on and saw three vultures very close and not very shy. As we looked, we saw that they were trying to protect their meal: a dead goat. Silas and I chased some of them away, and we got a look at the poor goat. We made it a game to drive after the vultures for a bit before returning home.

So the adventures of life in Burkina never end, and it is so much fun to spend time with our little man as he talks and asks a million questions. What a blessing to be a dad! Praying that he would continue to learn and appreciate God’s creation around us here!


1 thought on “About Scorpions and Porcupines

  1. what a wonderful bond. I so wish that I could come and visit. I know how proud you are Marcus. I am also proud like that of you! God Bless and keep you all safe! Much love. JB

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