A friend who’s making some good points here – although I’m all for voting, even if it is seen as “throwing away your vote”, because the more people vote non-Demublican (or non-Repocrat), the more there is a chance of a true multi-party system in our country!

Daily Theology

Two weeks: the remaining until the population of the United States will vote for one man (this time around, at least) to hold the most powerful political office in the world.  As is usual every four years, we–the faithful public–get to choose between two imperfect candidates as representatives of the two most powerful and longstanding political parties.

Now, it is no secret that I dislike politics, as I wrote earlier this year.  This dislike stems from the focus on issues that are popular and might contribute to gathering votes in swing states, instead of focusing around issues that are most important to the well-being of our country.  In short, I dislike politics for conflating popularity with priority, especially in the case of morality.  Discussions of abortion this year only received a quick shout-out in a very “Catholic” question during a debate.  (The answers were altogether disappointing.)  Discussions of prison…

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