From Suitcase to Closet…

…instead of from dust to joy! Although entering a period of “closet” usage may just bring a certain amount of joy as well! After almost two months of travelling (yes, we left Burkina Faso mid-May!), we have arrived in our temporary home just outside of Charlotte, NC. It felt good to know that a few things will not re-enter a suitcase/box/bag for the next few months, and we look forward to this season of rest, healing, seeking, and growing as a family, a couple, and as individuals.

Below are just a few photos of the last couple of months to give you a sense of the places we have been blessed to visit. (Click on images for better quality).


Last time on “Fada Mountain” in Burkina Faso


First evening in Switzerland (Rorschach on Lake Constance)


In Schluders, Italy


Stuttgart, Germany


Freiburg, Germany


Subingen, Switzerland


Bleiken, Switzerland


Gerzensee, Switzerland


Gurten, Switzerland


Schynige Platte, Switzerland


Public Pool in Spiez, Switzerland


The Intrepid Museum, NYC


NJ State Fair at the Meadowlands



3 thoughts on “From Suitcase to Closet…

  1. Hi! Where are you staying in or near Charlotte? We’ll be back there by the first of December and look forward to seeing both of you again! ❤ Sheryl

  2. Awesome to see the pictures! May the Lord surprise you over and over again in this season of change. Love you guys!

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