Eliminating My Job…

…sounds like a scary proposition, but that is exactly what I hope to work towards. For most of us, working ourselves out of our jobs is not desirable, but when we look at the struggles of development and aid projects, especially in Africa, it is imperative that we operate in a way that decreases dependency on foreign funding and increases local sustainability based on local innovation and basic human dignity. There are many things we (collectively as the West helping the Rest) have done wrong, even if at times we had the right motivation (for a good read on the subject of development and aid in Africa: http://goo.gl/nuUYK9). Moreover, Jesus trained his disciples in such a way that they could go out and do what He did … and MORE (John 14:28). With these thoughts in mind, I have recently written a one page description of where I see HOPE for AIDS in the future. Would be curious to hear what you think on the subject.

Here is the short article:

Towards Fulfilling HOPE for AIDS

I just mentioned the need to decrease dependency on foreign funding, but to help our projects arrive at that point, we need to “bridge the gap” until we’re ready! If you would like to contribute to our efforts in training and preparing projects to become self-sustainable and integrated, feel free to make a donation here: http://simusa.org/projects/project/14


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