Another Transition…Another Identity?

It is just amazing how studying a certain subject causes ones brain to move in different directions. I’ve been marinating in the topic of identity and what it means for us as Christians, and while there is much on the topic that is known, I started to think about identity in the midst of life transitions. As we move back to the beloved continent of Africa, but to a new country (South Africa), it seems that it may change who we are? Or will it not? These transitions certainly impact us as we learn new things about our hosting country, about its people, and about daily life in a new place, but if our identity is rooted in Christ and what he identifies in us as being true, then these external transitions may not shake the foundations of our inner being. The question we often face (or run away from) is: WHO AM I? In a small way, I attempted to cross-section possible answers to the question. Here are some notes from a recent teaching I was able to present at the Chinese Christian Church of NJ ( on this topic of identity:

As we all know, one of the biggest barriers to identity is our mis-understanding of God’s love. A powerful example of a broken heart is found in this illustration of a well known story:

Growing in our trust in God and His love is key in growing a better understanding of who we are. Maybe this is a good moment to reflect on who you are?


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