A season of peace, kindness, and respect

Some great reflections on our common humanity – particularly around this time of year!

The Heffron Family

“The season of peace is at hand.”

Christmas is just days away, and even many people who reject Christianity tend to share in the good will and hope that this season represents.

Just over a year ago, I met a lot of good people in Nigeria.  Some were missionaries, some were Nigerian ministry workers, some were Nigerian church officials, and some were just average Nigerian folks.  Almost all spoke actively of wanting peace, of wanting their country to have a better present, a better future, and a better image abroad.  Almost all of them were Christians, howsoever informed, sincere, and successful they were in living that out.

I didn’t, though, interact significantly enough with Muslims.  Some of the people whom I met at markets, some of the soldiers keeping roads safe, and some of the people who served my food were Muslims, but I didn’t get to really talk to them enough…

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