Global AIDS Ministry Consultation – Prayers

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Your invitation: a moment of prayer

At the end of this month we will be having a special time where SIM leaders in HIV ministry will gather and take a moment to pause, reflect, celebrate, pray, think, plan and commit. We would like to invite you to join with us in praying for this event.

In the early 2000s, SIM’s HOPE for AIDS started as a practical and physical outworking of prayer in response to people living with HIV in our communities. As we seek to continue to be responsive we need to be open and active; and so we are creating the space to do this and to re-commit ourselves to global and local HIV issues.

Beginning on Monday November 23rd through to Friday November 27th we are gathering 26 people  currently working in Africa (13), Asia (9), America (3) and New Zealand (1) to celebrate how God has used HOPE for AIDS over the last 15+years.  During this time these people will also be active participants in a process of shaping the future of SIM’s HIV ministries.

It will be exciting and, with our end goal being a collective vision and strategies for the next 5 years, it will also be very intensive; and so we would greatly value your prayers.

If you will join with us in prayer for this gathering, thank you!

The information provided below is to help you pray specifically for personnel and content throughout the week:

Leadership Team:

Please pray for the leadership team as they coordinate planning for and facilitation of the consultation. Pray for good progress and good health during a busy planning period and that all will run smoothly during consultation week.

The leadership team is:

  • Marcus Baeder (SIM International/HOPE for AIDS)
  • Jacqui Croxon (SIM Thailand/Radical Grace)
  • Kenneth Fleck (SIM NZ/Radical Grace).

Please also pray for many of our ‘Radical Grace’ Thailand team who, as the hosts, will be involved in helping with the preparations.

Program & speakers:

Each day we have a theme which we believe will step us towards a unified vision and strategies for SIM’s missional role in HIV care and prevention.

  • Monday – History & Celebration: reflecting back to move forward
  • Tuesday – Missiology: engaging well with current trends and challenges
  • Wednesday – Theology: why are we involved?
  • Thursday – Vision: setting our global goals for the next 5 years
  • Friday – Vision to Reality: making it possible into the future

Each day we will hear from a number of speakers, largely from within our HOPE for AIDS family. Please pray for these speakers as they plan and prepare, and then deliver, their presentations.


As previously mentioned, delegates will represent many countries which currently have, or are exploring, HIV ministries. Pray as the delegates prepare to travel to Chiang Mai, for safety and for favourable visa processing where applicable.

Pray that the consultation will be a rich and rewarding time for all delegates as we reflect on achievements and look to the future of SIM’s HIV ministries.


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